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Both Guilds are Recruiting. Please see Either Babacheck, Pamoy, Grimlet, Nolofinwe, Kazzarra, Azine,
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New Website is up!

Kazz, Nov 10, 12 6:00 AM.
Hey Everyone,
    The new and improved guild web page is up and running! Please come check it out and sign up. You can find it here
    Please let me know if you find anything that doesn't work of if you have any suggestions that would make the site look better let me know! :)

Crafting Web Site

Kazz, Aug 23, 12 1:56 AM.
Hey Everyone,
  Just wanted to share with you this VERY cool crafting website. It's basically a guide to help you get all you crew skills up to 400 in no time flat! So check it out

Covernant Guild

BABACHECK, Aug 13, 12 1:13 PM.
hey hey guys,
        just a quick note regarding Covernant, i have spoken with thier guild leader and they are very interested in some of you joining thier guild, if your interested please goto thier web site and fill in their recruitment form. before you do this please speak to me [Babacheck]. very inportant to read all of the web notes as they are very organized and have a few ground rules which youll need to agree with. if your very interested in hm's and opps this would be a great opportunity. thier web site is under our friends in usefull links.  good luck. FYI you only need put one of your toons in thier guild more if u wish.

New Friends @ Covenant Guild

BABACHECK, Aug 6, 12 1:41 PM.
Hello all, 
        i just wanted to let you all know i have put one of my toons Skarface in a new guild, i have done this one because they want to do Ranked Warzones and that is something i really want to get into. i have found that trying to pug groups for this really really hard. also they are a very organized guild and quite big.

please be assured that it will only be Skarface that is away from Republic Champions, however i will always be commited and be here to help all those that require at anytime. as per usual.

please may i ask that if anyone from Covanent Guild ask for help that it is given with a smile and im very sure the same will be in return. lets all hope we will become very good friends in the near future

Another Funny vid

Kazz, Aug 5, 12 11:57 AM.
Hey Everyone,
   Found another funny Star Wars video to check out 
   Enjoy! :)
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